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»We cannot let our personal progress depend on benevolent bosses, good companies or random challenges. We must take it into our own hands.«

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About the book

Those who want to improve their athletic performance work out. But what do you do if you want to improve your career?

Joachim Pawlik, former pro-footballer and one of the leading German speaking consultants, has transferred the method of circuit training to professional life. At ten stations, you will learn which skills are most important and how to develop them.

You will learn how to take responsibility at the crucial moments and how to become more courageous. You will realize new ways of practicing so you can achieve the last ten percent and how you can act faster by thinking slowly. Questions to reflect on, exercises and micro-learning videos at each station challenge you to take a critical look at yourself. For dedicated improvement to your flexibility, your resilience, and your capabilities, at work and in life.

About the author

Joachim Pawlik finished high school in Tonndorf, a district of Hamburg, Germany, with the worst grades in his year. He spent most of his following professional soccer career at FC St. Pauli on the bench. He went through tough times. Then he took off. Today Joachim Pawlik is CEO of
Pawlik Consultants GmbH and engages with the question of what makes people successful. His international consulting company focuses on the individual. What he has learned from professional sports and on the international consulting stage he now passes on as an author. Joachim Pawlik lives with his wife and two sons in Hamburg and Paris.

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Workout for your career

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